Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to take meditation classes?
All classes are free of charge.
When are classes given?
7 days a week.  A new beginner course starts every week.  Call or email us to sign-up or get more information.
Does Raja Yoga Meditation involve exercise?

It does not involve physical exercise, postures or breathing exercise.  It is practiced while sitting in a chair or on the floor.

How long does it take to learn meditation?
Most people experience peace and calmness during the first class.   After 7 classes, the method of meditation will be clear enough that it can be made a part of your daily routine.
Who can be a Brahma Kumaris teacher?

All Brahma Kumaris teachers completely dedicate their lives to the Brahma Kumaris mission.  New teachers are trained for 5 years by senior teachers.   All teachers are celibate and vegetarian.  Teachers live in an environment free from household activities in order to help create a peaceful and pure atmosphere.

Many Brahma Kumaris dedicated teachers also have professional careers and maintain a balance between both responsibilities.

How is the center supported financially?
Each BK center is supported 100% locally by voluntary contributions from students who attend classes.  Brahma Kumaris is a registered public charity – nonprofit 501(c)(3) .
Why is the organization named Brahma Kumaris (daughters of Brahma)?
The organization was named Brahma Kumaris to honor women and bring out their motherly qualities to serve the world.  Men play the critical role of “backbone” of the organization.
Are the classes only for females or elderly?
The majority of the Brahma Kumaris student body are families.  People from from all walks of life and all ages take classes.
Can children learn meditation?
Children 8 years and older can learn meditation.  Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.
Can families practice Raja Yoga Meditation?
Yes, when couples practice meditation together, it helps create peace and harmony in their relationship.  Meditation gives parents spiritual strength to guide their children.  Children automatically benefit when harmony is a part of their parent’s daily life.
Can professionals and business owners practice Raja Yoga Meditation?
Definitely!  Meditation reduces stress.  Meditation only requires 10-15 minutes per day to be effective.
Why do you wear white cloths?
White is a symbol of peace and purity.  Any color cloths may be worn to learn meditation and attend classes.


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Brahma Kumaris (USA) was established in Texas in 1977, and is a 501(c)(3) Texas nonprofit corporation.  (read more→)